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Inside me there is something driving me, urging me, to command and to create, it is making me crazy, to build my dream, to fulfill my destiny, and this is not a joke, this is not a game, this is not just for show, a character, or a plot, or some kind of circus. This is the raw man power of body, mind and spirit in its most natural and divine, and powerful state of being. An alignment of my past, present & future co-existing as one, manipulated into perfect shades of the son. A temple in my mind that I have built for you to worship me in silence as you watch.  Our souls flaring, colliding and spraying its rays upon humanity. In Mass.  Clouds relentlessly gasping for breath. Trying to float with any sort of pace of speech. Racing eternity at the speed of my lace. His beautiful face. My leather bound elbow holding onto these words with their life. Gripping his goals. For you.  Gods chosen child, scratching and crawling, and sinking his teeth into his moment in history. This savagery. His finest, and final form. The greatest of all time, the greatest quarterback, in Internet History, in your history, in our history. In my story. I want to thank you for everything. My perfect mechanics your silhouette. I have painted. Just for you. This entire time. I am truly set free. The quarterback that I always wanted to be. Totally released. A GOD here on earth. In a trance driven by fixation. By obsession. I will never quit. I will never stop. Until I am finished. And my life's work is completed.  

Harrison Beck, 


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The Internets First Ever Starting Quarterback

Background on Harrison Beck

High School

Harrison Beck went to Countryside High School in Tampa, Florida. He is an alumni of the Elite 11 class of 2004. Here he worked with quarterback mentors including Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer, and Heisman Trophy Winner Jason White. Harrison was voted the most ready to start as a True Freshman in College. He was better than all of them. Harrison was also a Top 3 Pro Style Quarterback on Rivals.com (2005). A top 3 Pro Style quarterback prospect on Scout.com.  Also an ESPN 5 Star Top 20 Tom Lemmings Prospect who received over 100 Division 1 offers. Harrison was the starting quarterback for the Cali-Florida bowl that defeated Mark Sanchez & Desean Jackson of California. Easily. Barely even tried to beat them. Hundreds of coaches from Nick Saban, to Jimbo Fisher, to Bill Callahan, to Lane Kiffin and more visited his high school and recruited Harrison to go to their respective colleges.  


Harrison chose to play for the University of Nebraska, & NC State University on Full Scholarship. Harrison Beat Kansas State as a True Freshman with Nebraska, threw for over 350 yards vs Matt Ryan and Boston College at NC State, and went 12-1 as Harlon Hill finalist and starter for Terry Bowden at North Alabama. Throwing for 40 touchdowns and 4,000 yards. Harrison ended his college career with over 6,500 yards passing and 50 touchdowns. Also was 13-5 as a starter. 


Harrison played Arena Football throwing for 10 touchdowns in 1 game, a defeat of the Fayetville Force 92-8. Not to mention, was with the Arena League Tampa Bay Storm & Utah Blaze. He has interacted and received personal quarterback lessons & training from NFL players & coaches including Steve Deberg, Bill Callahan, Tom O'Brien, Terry Bowden & Bowden Family, Lane Kiffin, Pete Carroll, Peyton & Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Marc Trestman, and many more. 

Internet's First Ever Starting Quarterback

Harrison Beck is a visionary and pioneer of the quarterback position. The first high level college & pro quarterback to go completely digital. Uploading 1000's of videos on him throwing online to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube under the name @qblesson. With QB Lesson Harrison has thousands of followers watching him throw perfect spirals, with incredible arm talent & strength. While also enjoying his social commentary and unique insights on all things sports, politics, worldviews, and pop culture. Harrison has claimed himself to being the Internet's First Ever Starting Quarterback! Follow him & he will lead you to a fourth quarter comeback. 



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